Zero Degrees of Separation

Papaji Waves yoga poetry



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The wave thinks that it is different from all the other waves. It says, "I have a name, a shape, I have movement in a particular direction’. The ocean, knowing that all the water is itself, just enjoys the dance.

The waves can think, ‘I am independent; I have many friends in front of me and behind me; we are all moving along together.’

The waves might even decide to have a satsang. They may get together and say. ‘Let us go off together and find the ocean. Let us meditate together and try to find out where the ocean is. I have heard it is very wonderful there.’

So, they travel along, looking for the ocean, and hoping that they will one day find it.

The ocean doesn’t know anything about this. It just knows that the still, silent depths and the froth on the surface are all itself.

~ Papaji, The Fire of Freedom (thanks Deborah)

2 thoughts on “Zero Degrees of Separation”

  1. Beautiful picture, and a thought provoking post. What came up for me was the inner tension I sometimes feel between being different and feeling at one with humanity. The desire for individuality against the desire to belong and feel a part of. Sometimes they feel as though they peacefully co-exist inside of me. And sometimes they feel completely at odds.


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