vrkshasana the tree pose.  yoga and the environment

In Vrkshasana, or tree pose we are looking to reclaim our connection.  From connection comes balance, and choices that are more life affirming.

When you rise into Vrkshasana, you reduce your footprint on Mother Earth by half.  By lessening our impact, we deepen our connection.

Our practice serves as a mirror, if we have the courage to look,  to see clearly how we’ve been living.

I hope you have a favorite tree you can clearly bring into your mind, if not, find one. I can lend you one of mine.  Visit your tree, notice your tree through the seasons, even if it’s a drive-by, acknowledge and make connection, a relationship. 

Learn from her.  When you practice tree pose, you now have a model, internal drishti.  Be a nice tree, a tree that birds would want to nest in.

Every day,  50,000 acres of trees are taken down for paper, packaging, and to make room for animals to be raised for food.   Each American uses 740 pounds of paper every year.  Can we use less, can we choose meals lower on the food chain?

As Yogis, we pledge to abide in truth.  Do we have the courage to look honestly at our lifestyle and where we could change?  I know that many of us are suffering from Green Fatigue, but here’s a few easy ways to make a difference, and  deepen your connection.

Need to send a gift? plant a tree for them:  BeGreenNow.com

Stop the catalogs for free: 

Stop those telephone books for free:

Look forward to an empty mailbox:

Reducing junkmail is noble, but our individual footprint is primarily made up by our diet.  Lower on the chain means much less area cleared for the raising of animals,  We also inflict less harm, and improve our health.  It becomes clear that what’s good for us, is good for all beings.  visit Vegsource for recipes, or ask me for more info.

Reading about this is one thing, my hope is that you’ll take a step and enrich your connection.  Every action, every dollar spent is a vote for the type of world you wish to live in.

Remember to visit your tree.  Go ahead, give her a hug.  Nobody’s looking, or even if they are…

Om Shanti,


p.s.  Sharon Gannon’s new book: Yoga and Vegetarianism is a captivating read.

6 thoughts on “Vrkshasana”

  1. Trees are indeed magical. As a drummer, my instrument is made from trees. They give life in so many ways; one in the form of instruments to create music that affirms life. I have had the pleasure of visiting Sequoia National Park and been amongst the most massive trees on earth. They take your breath away. Just being there is a highly spiritual experience. Thanx for reminding me of the magic of trees.

  2. Bettina Messana

    Trees color our landscape. But even in this season, before their leaves have unfolded, I’ve noticed there is a special beauty in their leafless silhouettes. Let’s do all we can to protect and honor them.

  3. Perhaps you would enjoy the CD Tree Spirit Speaks by BobWhite Bear.
    Inspired after a 4 day fast, it is relaxing and healing with messages from the Spirit in the music.
    I could bring it to class and you could play the track Spirit of the Trees DURINGvrikshasana

  4. Our park has a rule that if a tree on your property is removed, another MUST be planted to replace it somewhere in the park.
    Most of our trees are palm trees, and not only are they nice to look at, swaying gracefully in the breeze, they are busy turning sunlight into oxygen. 🙂

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