Yoga how it once was…

Not just for the fit and flexible, All are welcome to this peaceful and mindful Yoga.

Welcome to The Durga Yoga Studio – 25B Stow Rd. Boxborough MA. Sundays 10-11:30am 

Love seeing you all after all this time! Welcome back.


Step away from the world, We'll gather in ...





What I'm hearing from people

kind words from kind people

I am really exhausted on Mondays and the yoga helps ground, sustain and energize me.Your tagline "Peaceful and mindful" is a perfect description.
Your class harkens back to how yoga used to be before it was trendy. This essence you bring to it is nothing short of amazing.
There is something so simple and heartfelt and healing about your approach to yoga Every week, I look forward to your class….it’s one of the best things I do all week to take care of myself.

Classes are ongoing

We’ve been gathering for over 20 years. At the new place,  classes are drop-in, $25 for one class. If that is prohibitive, please reach out to me and we’ll figure something out. Thanks for you support of our small boutique Yoga classes.

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