March 2009

Be your own bailout

Ram is known for virtue, a word that has almost dropped from our vocabulary. Our politicians lie, our icons lie, the banks lied, even A-rod lied. 100% natural, new and improved, green? Who can you believe, who can you trust? Ram never lied, Ram always did the right thing. Even when it was very hard.

Show Me a Sign

After meditation this morning, I played a few Bhajans on this old harmonium, usually puts me in a great mood, and I’m ready for just about anything. I was thinking about our challenging times and our many different ways of coping. How practice can be seen as refuge, but eventually we must

Start Where You Are

Growing up, I remember this ritual of my fathers. Every Saturday morning he would come home from working overtime, and while having lunch ( a sandwich with potato chips inside) would sit up straight, and make out the list for the day. Here’s the magic. He would start with a

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