Be your own bailout


This Thursday is Ram's appearance day.  Ram is known for virtue, a word that has almost dropped from our vocabulary.  Our politicians lie, our icons lie, the banks lied, even A-rod lied. 100% natural, new and improved, green? Who can you believe, who can you trust?  Ram never lied, Ram always did the right thing.  Even when it was very hard.

Don't become cynical. Refine your self-awareness until your subtle body becomes a finely tuned truth-detector, then follow that bliss.  When we sit down for practice, our mind often takes some time to settle down.  Our endless to-do list. Dissolve these concerns with a long focused breath out.  

Finding peace and stillness takes practice.  Asana, Mantra, Kirtan, Meditation, a walk in the woods, listening to your favorite music, dance… a good run.  What makes you feel connected?  Do more of that.  Double digit returns on your spiritual 401k !  This is how we bail ourselves out.  Connection.

There's a resurgence of the Kirtan wave in the Boston area, and throughout  the country. People are gathering in Yoga studios, halls, and living rooms to share simple songs of connection.  When we are connected, we make more appropriate choices, for ourseves, for others, and for our environment.  

If you're curious about Kirtan, come to our gathering at Yoga and Nia for Life in W. Concord on Saturday, April 4'th 6pm.  it's very low-key.  Come listen, come sing along, and bring an insturment if you'd like.  There's no cost, and We'll have information about the local Masters who have been cultivating these gatherings for years. Prajna, Ahsara, Shubal, and others.  It's a party, you'll be glad you came!

In Honor of Ram's day, this Thursdays Yoga classes at 4, and 5:30 will be inspired by Satya (truth), and Virtue, and of course, by Sita, Ram, and Hanuman We'll crank up the harmonium and our voices to make space for truth, connection and virtue. 

Om Shanti,


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