February 2009

Breathing Space


I was excited to receive a review copy of Katrina’s new book, Breathing Space from the publisher. She co-wrote the book with Yoga-pioneer Alan Finger, of the Ishta yoga center.

Writing in a semi-autobiographical/journal context,


You may have noticed all the Shiva references, and songs to Shiva in last weeks classes, We were leading up to Maha Shivaratri, Shiva’s Favorite night…. Which is tonight!

All over the world, and right here as well, there will be gatherings of Yogi’s who have

Smile time

Last summer we offered a benefit Yoga class for SmileTrain, a group of doctors who perform free cleft palate surgeries in the most desperate areas of our world.

The benefit was a great success, and we raised $2,500, enough for 10 brand new smiles. I’m starting to get pictures of the children we helped to smile for the first time.

Yoga and Creativity

Overcoming and outsmarting procrastination and resistance is the key to manifesting an idea into reality. Everything in our world once started as pure thought, then the thinker had to deal with their block to bring it forth into reality.

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