Yoga and Creativity

Great to see you all in class this past weekend!   I wanted to share a bit of a conversation I had after class with a long-time yogi and artist regarding intention. 

When practicing with an intention for strength, things seemed to click for her. When setting creativity as her intention, things were not so clear.  I asked that perhaps it may be broad for an intention?

Becoming Clearer

After talking for a few minutes, we began to see there was a bit of fear involved.  Hmm, perhaps courage could be the focus… Still a bit broad.  Then it started to become clear… procrastination and resistance to creativity:  the equivalent of Writers Block. 

Overcoming and outsmarting procrastination and resistance is the key to manifesting an idea into reality.  Everything in our world once started as pure thought, then the thinker had to deal with their block to bring it forth into reality.  

Yoga can surely help with this, but we also need to employ our thinking-mind to help set up a framework or schedule that we can focus our creative efforts within.

If we see our art as something we’ll get to once everything else is done, then our art will become like an unused new-years gym membership.  a well-intentioned specter of how we’d like to see ourselves.  creatively buff.

How Can Yoga Help?

For our fellow artist and Yogi, perhaps starting with an intention of focus and clear sense of priorities might be a good start, then refining things as they become clearer.  I’ve found that resistance likes to manifest in layers, and takes more forms that we can begin to imagine.  Take time after Asana, Pranayama, and Meditation to bring clarity to your creative mission.

‘First things First’ could be the Mantra.   Along with asking Ganesha for help of course.  Ganesha is Shiva’s son, the Hindu God who removes obstacles.  "Om Gam, Ganapataye Namahah"  invokes him as an ally in our creative efforts.  (Very funny, my spell checker wants to change Namahah, to Namath.  Joe would be proud!)

Dissolving Resistance

Julia Cameron’s work: The Artist’s Way series of books has become the standard roto-rooter for Writers Block. 

Morning-pages writing exercises, and the concept of "the artist date" have helped me, But I’ve also enjoyed working with  The War of Art, which I would describe as a more firm approach.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, wanting to create and yet, the days tick-by with no progress, try the exercises in these books, or the others in the creativity section of my favorite books link.   Don’t wait another day, another hour.  Overcome the inertia.  What would/could you create if there was nothing holding you back?

What works for you?  Share by using the comments link up above.

Is it Spring?

Hope you’re enjoying our treat of warm thaw! The Buddha statue in my front yard peeked out from under the snow this am.  Wonder if he shaw his shadow.

 Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class this week.

P.S.  Just finalized the menu with Amy, we’ve got a great meal, and a nice gathering in store for the Yoga and Cooking class on the 28’th of this month.  Check the events page for the scoop on how many spaces are left..

2 thoughts on “Yoga and Creativity”

  1. John, great post. I’ve done morning pages as well, and they help. One thing that works for me is paying attention to my body’s shifting rhythms. For example, usually, I write fist thing in the morning. I’ve found myself to be especially creative then. But sometimes, if I’m paying attention, late at night, before sleep, when my mind is closer to the subconscious, I find myself feeling more creative. So I’ll write then until I sense that it’s time to go back to morning. Sometimes, I’ll write at both times. That’s when things are really smokin’. The Artist’s Way is a fabulous book, and would be beneficial to anybody open to it.

    1. Clint, thanks so much for your note. Yes, we have our rhythms…
      I’ve found that it’s all about just-getting-started for me. Breaking that inertia. The follow-through seems to take care of itself. cheers.


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