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Krishna Das, Harmonium bina

After meditation this morning, I played a few Bhajans on this old harmonium, usually puts me in a great mood, and I’m ready for just about anything.  I was thinking about our challenging times and our many different ways of coping.  How practice can be seen as refuge, but eventually we must come out of our cave and live in this world of ours.

Looking down I noticed the reflection of a window in the harmonium glass. The spring thaw from the roof appeared to be raining upwards, like little gems, and the brilliant reflection framed Krishna Das’s signature “All Love – KD” perfectly.  You could almost hear the angels sing. 

I was transfixed by the simple messge that KD had written many years ago at the Ashram.  It was his response to my question, “How do I live with my doubt” Perhaps it’s that easy.   All Love, Love All.  I felt blessed, to have the time to practice, to have this home studio as refuge, for awareness, for my teachers.

Then I got graspy, got up to get my camera, (why do I do that?) which doesn’t begin to show the beauty of that moment.  Perhaps I could have sat longer, present to the teaching. 

We can’t get back to now, but we can be in it, and practice Aprarigraha, – non-grasping.  I’m still glad for the pic though, so I could share it with you all.

Thanks KD, your message, and your teacher, Neem Karoli Baba’s message lives on.  I will practice this.

Om Bolo Sri Krishna Das Dev Ki  – Jai!


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7 thoughts on “Show Me a Sign”

  1. I love signs from the universe. Have to admit, though, sometimes I seem to misinterpret their meaning. Then I ask for clarity. Nice post John. By the way, is a harmonium also known as a harpsichord? I love the sound of that instrument. And are you familiar with Harmonium energy balancing?

  2. Clearly a beautiful sign, thank you for sharing the thought “All Love” and picture. Nice mantra for the day. Is KD speaking publicly when he is in Cambridge later this month?

  3. Thank you for sharing. Guess it was meant to be so you could share the experience. So much stress in the world today. It’s good to appreciate the moments.

  4. Hi Lisa,

    I don’t believe that Krishna Das is leading a talk, but often during his live performances he talks a bit in between songs. Hope you’re well,


  5. I love those “sign” moments, little miracles. The beauty of your sharing it is enhanced by the photo, communicating well some of the great vibrations of your conversation with Krishna Das. Seeing ALL LOVE helps me again as I meditate on growing from the dual state of being to the non dual state, Thank you, John!

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