9 Questions With Jill

Jill Manifests, creates her own reality, and says that we can too:

Manifest your reality

When did you first realize your ability to Manifest, has it always been there?

I've always had faith.  I knew on some level that "you get what you expect" and you have to keep a positive attitude and all, but now I see life from a spiritual, not a material perspective.

Has it developed over time?  Have you worked on strengthening it?

Yes, it has developed over time — the more I realize my "Oneness with God" the more of a "cosmic sweep" my thought has.  I guess you could say I think on purpose.  If you want to call meditating "strengthening" then, yes, I strengthen it all the time!

We’ll need some context, Can you expand on what ‘God’ means to you?

It's really a personal thing isn't it — it's whatever it means to you. Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, Source, Being, Truth, Creator, etc. . . are some expressions that may have a deeper resonance with us.

As far as what it means to me? It's always evolving. When I meditate on divinity within, my understanding of the Infinite expands. It's hard to put into words. The soul has it's own language — silence. Let's just say you know it when you feel it!

Where has manifesting brought you the biggest benefits?

Just knowing that God provides for me, in every way, on a daily basis, has brought me great freedom and peace. All we have is this moment in time, this day, and I don't really need anything more than this day requires.

So, I don't have the burden maintaining a lot of stuff or worrying about it. If I need something, I ask in faith, knowing that God will provide it.

Do you try understand or explain your gift?

It's not so much that I try to understand it as much as "I now understand.” When I meditate on the Infinite, it's as if I'm blessed in some way with understanding and wisdom. I accept it and express gratitude. Appreciation is a big part of manifesting.

The first step in making a demonstration is to understand that "God will provide." Second, is to "affirm" there is no lack or limitation in spirit. Establish in your mind the difference between the appearance of lack or limitation from what it is your asking for . Third, visualize yourself as already having it and give thanks for it!

Can we can all do this, and does Yoga help?

That's a good question — I think so. Everybody already has it within themselves, they simply need to awaken to it. I started practicing Yoga a little over a year ago. The silence of shavasana was not lost on me. The calming postures of forward folds brought me clarity. I awakened spiritually. I saw the duality in everything and realized I was "One with the Whole."

I’ve heard you have a thing for the American flag, can you explain?

When I see the American flag, I see the face of God. It speaks to me. I feel the Spirit of it. Spirit is everywhere and in everything. This nation was founded on God and the American flag represents that. All I have to do is think of the American flag and one appears in my sight!

How about a specific story, what have you manifested lately?

About a month ago, on a Sunday night my husband and I were facing seemingly empty pockets. Although he was expecting to be paid in a few days, the immediate prospects weren't looking so good. The situation felt a little desperate. Knowing that there is a supply for every demand, I asked God to supply for this need.

I no sooner finished asking when I looked up and my eyes landed right on an envelope, with my name on it, that was hanging on the kitchen door. It was a paycheck for some temporary office work I had done just days before. It had been hand-delivered to my house earlier that day. Needless to say it was plenty enough! 

Should we ask for what we want or just what we think we need?

We should ask for both what we want and what we need. Our desires are the God in us looking to be expressed! And we should ask largely — don't skimp. God provides — period. Spirit doesn't recognize quantity.

This is an abundant Universe and it responds to your thought. So the more abundant and prosperous you feel and think the more it will respond in kind.  It may appear that we get what we need as opposed to what we want because most likely our belief and intention is stronger for what we think we need.

Please expand on "Ask."

To ask means to claim your good, to feel, to believe and have faith. It's a little misleading in so far as asking implies there could be a yes or no answer when in reality the Universe is always manifesting what your feeling and believing in this moment. Try it! Ask for what you really want or need . . .

I was thinking about your experience in India and your burning desire for a Q-tip! When one appeared on the street, dirty and trampled on, you joked about how you should have been more specific. Actually, the dirty Q-tip was part of the manifestation of the real thing.  

When you're lost at sea, you know dry land is ahead when sticks and twigs are floating in the water. It's a sign of what's ahead — the real thing! and you did get a box of shiny, new, multi-colored Q-tips shortly thereafter. So the lesson is — don't give up, banish any doubt and believe "with God, all things are possible!"

There you have it.  Say hi to Jill at our Tuesday night class.  I've got some great interviews with our fellow Yogis lined up.  If you've got an aspect of Yoga to share, or know someone who would like to answer 9 questions about their practice, let me know!     Om Shanti,  I'll see you in class.  -j

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