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Since way-back we have used seasonal changes to mark the passage of time. Creating rituals to honor what has passed, and welcome what's to come.  

Spring Equinox Yoga Class

Long ago, I adopted the Spring Equinox to welcome change in my life, in a way it's my 're-birthday.' (I see a new line of hallmark cards…)

I take time to notice the past year, and welcome the new one.  Not like a resolution, but more in the way of where am I coming from, and what am I doing with this gift of life?

Making space for ritual brings texture and depth to our lives.  For me, the best rituals are simple, like taking a pause to notice and appreciate my connection to nature.  

It's no accident that our Yoga postures are named for what the ancients saw daily in their lives.  It's actually the first of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. YS 1.1:  Atha Yoga Nushasanam.  "Here is Yoga as I have observed it in the natural world."

We 'do' the tree pose to awaken the qualities of tree in ourselves. Strength and suppleness, our ability to reach high, from a very grounded place… Our ability to selflessly provide food and shelter for others.  

If you're blessed with trees in your yard, go to a window, stand on one leg and reach out.  Better yet, give your neighbors something to talk about.  Go outside and get up close and personal with your tree.

If the police drive by really slowly, it's just a test of your focus.

On Saturday the 20'th we'll gather for our annual Spring Equinox Yoga class and outdoor – silent walk to the sacred circle. There we give thanks, and offer something old to the puja fire, making room for new growth:

This daylily sprout is the essence of Surya Namaskar.  We can do this. Ground down, and reach high, through your obstacles, and come into the light.

Hope you can join us for Spring Equinox at Yoga and Nia for Life in West Concord, Saturday March 20th, 12:30 to 2:30pm.   You can find out more on the 'events' page, or Click here to email an RSVP to john 

Om Shanti,


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