91 Year Old Yoga Instructor

Watch this video of a 91 year old Yoga teacher who tangos in her spare time.  Her philosophy is as inspiring as her youthfulness. A life lived in service of others.  If you can't see the video in your email, got to my website and visit the blog.

Forward this post to a friend who could use some inspiration to get to Yoga:

You all asked, and we listened!

Danielle is coming out from New York City this weekend, she'll be assisting our 9am Yoga class this coming Sunday, and the Monday 4pm class. 

Danielle is gifted at helping people find just the right depth of a posture. If you've not experienced her co-teaching, you're in for a real treat. Come just a bit early if you can, so we can get started right on time.

Danielle in West Concord, April 18th, 19,th

Looking ahead slightly, Our Open Mic Kirtan on Sat. the 24'th, a free event.. If you like Yoga music, come on down! That Sunday, the 25'th is Restorative Yoga, 12:30. might be the last of the season, unless I hear differently from you. Get the scoop at the events page.

Thanks again for all your kind emails and feedback, and of course, for coming to class! This Friday night I'm at Global in Stow, 5:45.

Om-Shanti, Oh, just added two more classes, click here to see the new Acton and Concord Yoga Schedule


p.s. Two more interviews coming soon, Our Airbus pilot fellow Yogi, and David, the surgeon who just went back to Haiti to serve another tour in the camps. phew, wait till you read that one. subscribe to not miss anything, upper left hand corner. -j   

16 thoughts on “91 Year Old Yoga Instructor”

  1. Thanks John! I was thinking about this very thing just last night. How old will I be when I stop the physical part of my yoga practice? I know it's random, but it was one of those days. And this morning I got my answer!  I'll never stop. I'll be teaching yoga to my great grandkids.Thanks for sharing the video.

  2. Thanks for sending the  link to the video, John. It was so inspirational. We can keep asking, "How can I serve?" right up until our last breaths.

    Love, M

    My favorite part of this video, aside from the sheer inspiration, was her poem… I picked out some of her wise words and pasted them on paper as a reminder.  I need a lot of reminders.

    Dear Creator,   who travels the planets and oceans and atmosphere.
    Welcome   my soul into the richness of the universe.
    I thank you for helping me move through the stages of my life,
    to  enact my dreams and pass this on to others.
    The creator of life is inside of me.
    As long as I can feel that power inside of me,
    Then   I will be in good condition and I can help other people.
    Never be afraid.
    Don't look downwards or backwards but rise with the sun
    and you will see the beauty burst across the heavens and into your life and body.

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  5. As we advance into our seasoned years, Tao is our teacher, mentor and keeps us moving in the direction of the divine feminine at work. My book, Sexy In Your 60s mirrors her outlook on growing young, not old; a new mindset. Celebrating my 65th Bday in a few days, Tao gives me reason to share with others, the rewards of aging via honoring the body, the mind and Self.
    Joan M. Bunney                                                                                                         Author                                                                                                                Speaker                                                                                                             Advocate for Social Change                                                                     http://www.sexyinyour60s.com

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  9. This is so cool.  Seriously…wow.  I’m crying.  Thank you so much! It’s so inspirational to see!! It also reminds me of what I see around me everyday, and how greatful I am to be where I am.  I live at a meditation and yoga center in Thailand

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