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For me, Yoga itself is an art form, the multi-dimensional sculpting of a whole-life.  I also have the great pleasure to know many artists who call Yoga their muse.

One of our fellow students is currently preparing a study on Yoga and Art, how Yoga practice can expand creativity and expression. I'd love for some our very-own artists and Yoga students to participate! let me know if you'd like to hear more about her vision.

Here's an example of living Yoga:

Aaron L. Jones, a local artist, musician, and very-humble yogi, has been painting and drawing since he was a child. His passion has been to imbue his images with the subtle nature of ethereal energy, and his latest paintings express this vibe. I've just got to share this video with you. He's painting Virabhadra, Warrior I pose with his music playing in the backround. Enjoy!

We're bringing Aaron's work to Lumina, where they will be on display, and for sale as well.  He accepts selective commissions for custom pieces, and does Yoga portraits too! Now that's one great way to check your alignment huh?  

Contact Tara at for more information about Aaron's work.  Or talk with Aaron as he headlines our Open Mic Kirtan on Sat Feb 20th.  6:30 at Yoga and Nia for Life in West Concord.  I'll ask him to bring the painting!   By request, I'll be telling a few stories of my India travels. 

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P.S.  The next few weeks are busy, with a special Valentines Day Heart Opening Yoga class on the 14th, and I'm teaching the next few Saturday 8am classes at Yoga and Nia for Life in W. Concord.  Kirtan on the 20'th, Global 5:45pm on the 26th, and Restorative Yoga returns on the 28th.  The Events page has the scoop.  

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