Amachi Om Tapestry

The Om tapestry that covers my television

Last Fall, on one of those amazing warmish days, I had all my windows open, and had a great practice going.  When it was time to wind down I settled in for a nice shavasana.  As I lay there checking in, realized it was a bit chilly.  
My body voted for rest – my mind clinged to comfort. "Move, and get a blanket was the predominant thought."  My body won.  Just as I surrendered to the chill – to contentment,  a strong wind blew the Om tapestry off my TV.  It landed perfectly, covering my feet.
 I'm grateful, but not surprised anymore when I get just what I need, right when I need it.

While traveling India I found myself in a few precarious situations. Things turned out okay… not always the best outcome, but okay. 

This one time, I was on the back of a motorcycle, hurtling through impossible-traffic in Gaya.  The term 'holding on for dear life' must be indian in origin, and the only thing scarier was the thought of the return trip.  My hands went numb.  Taking a few deep breaths of the thick air, my grip loosened.
"Worry is a prayer for what we don't want."  -Sharon Gannon
A smile came over me, inside and out.  I seemed to realize It'll be okay… or not… but the fierce grip wouldn't help either way.  It's a level of trust, that I could handle whatever is coming my way.  My illusion of control dissolved.
"You can't always get what you want – you get what you need."   -Mick Jagger
An aspiring meditator who I work with individually, was walking in the woods when she came across a railroad crew working with power tools on the track. They were loud and she resented their presence.  They were 'ruining' her peaceful walk.  Her practice kicked in, trying to find peace, she created thoughts of how the crew was protecting life, making the trains safe etc…  
Alas, she walked a bit further than usual and actually got lost.  When she got still and tried to get her bearings… off in the distance she heard the workers, and their sounds guided her home to safety.  
When what is 'bad' becomes 'good'  what really changes?

Don't hold on so tight, and we'll get what we need… We're covered. 
I've got a great interview in the works from a Yoga student who is a master at manifesting.  She's going to share some of her stories with us.  If you've got a story about being covered, please, Click on the comments link, and share it with us.
Om Shanti, I'll see you in class.

2 thoughts on “Covered”

  1. You'll automatically find along your path whatever
    "props" that you'll need in order to play out your
    scenes on the stage of your life.

    If something (like wealth, fame, power, etc.) has
    not shown up for you in life in spite of your best
    efforts, then trust that you won't need it in order
    to successfully play out your role.

    In fact, your heart will unconsciously sabotage
    your ego's attempts to get any of those things.

    – Chuck Hillig

  2. I experienced getting just what I needed about a year ago when I was driving a van that would not start sometimes for no real reason.  After many attempts at troublshooting, dealers saying it had to do with a factory alarm system that could not be disengaged, and many tows with AAA, I put it out there with a car auction dealer that I needed to find a more dependable ride. About six months went by and I finally reached the end of my patience with the van. A day later I received a call from the dealer saying there was a car he'd like me to look at. I found a car that was a good match for me, and I dropped mine off and never looked back. Excellent timing in the universe, I suppose…

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