Your best class ever

Yesterday over lunch,  I was fretting about a recent loss. 

My friend Ani Desal, a Tibetan Buddhist Nun told me, "In every moment you have a choice, positive or negative, focused, or unfocused, present or not present.  Choose to see this in a positive light."

Simple, and profound.  Yet sometimes difficult to practice.  

Pausing to get clear on our intentions, may be the most important part of Yoga class.  I’m not saying the words "Get very clear on the intentions that lie behind your practice" to fill space.  It’s because setting a crystal clear intention works for me.  It brings me further in my practice, and I share that with you.

You can let this be random, or you can choose a positive and focused presence.  Random is dangerous. Random is like when you arrive at work and don’t remember the drive. Where were you?

Fog on golden gate bridge

Yoga practice is like driving through thick fog, you can just barely see in front of you, you’ve got to slow down and concentrate on what is right in front of you.  (this breath, this posture)  then, you may see the glint of a taillight up ahead.  That is the teacher. Not smarter or better than you. Without supernatural powers, they are just a bit further up the road, so with some trust,  you let go and follow.  Hopefully the teacher has lineage, and is following their teacher, (choose wisely, ask who their teachers are.)

We have to stay present because we don’t know when the veils may fall away, the opportunity for clear vision, for enlightenment is going to happen.  It could be your next class.  Don’t miss it.

Maybe you choose that this will be your most focused class ever. Why not?  Like the proverbial weed growing through the crack in the sidewalk, you rise from the ground up into your warrior pose, full-up with reason. You are grounded, and your outstretched arms are reaching for something.  Your ViraBhadrasana is on purpose.  You’re one posture closer to becoming your intentions.  Live your intentions, radiate them, and become a source for others. 

The fog is clearing.  

Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class.


P.S.  This coming Saturday Ani Desal and I are leading a Yoga Workshop , There are a couple spots left.  and We’ve got a great group together for the Fall Foliage Yoga Retreat coming up in just under two weeks.  There may be one spot left, (or we could squeeze a couple in) so if you were thinking about joining us, let me know right away.


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