Yoga Etiquette

 The Etiquette of Yoga Class

Yoga is a very solitary practice, done in a group setting. Try not to distract your neighbor in class. Here are some basic guidelines for a peaceful practice for all.
Remove your shoes, leave them outside the studio.
Choose an appropriate-level class, if you are new to Yoga, introduce yourself to the teacher and let them know. Ask if this class is right for you.   Let the instructor know if you have any injuries.
Turn your cell phone off. If someone forgets, send them compassion, not scowls.
Arrive a few minutes early, use the time to calm yourself, get in tune with your breathing, and prepare for class.  Many arrive early to meditate before practice. Be fair, be quiet.
Enter and create your space quietly. Don’t snap your mat open.  Set it down and roll it open.  Don’t drop your blanket, the dust raised sticks to contact lenses.
If you arrive late, sit and wait till after the opening meditation to unroll your mat.
In the fuller classes, be generous with your space. You may need to move over.
If you need to leave early, please tell the instructor before class. Take a few minutes for your Shavasana, and then quietly depart.
Be relatively clean, and go easy on strong scents.
If you’re wearing shorts, they have a liner.  Enough said.
Try not to crinkle your water bottle.
Please don’t chew gum, or eat in class. Believe it or not… it has to be mentioned.
Please clean up after yourself, especially important in the heated classes.
 If in doubt, the Golden Rule always applies. Did I miss any?  

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