Who are you

"I know there's a place you've walked where love falls from the trees"  -the who

Who are you?

Parent, Student, Teacher, Runner, Boss, Worker, Friend, Yogi, Golfer, Lawyer, Human, American… We wear so many hats (masks?) that we can lose sight of who we really are.  We are not just these aspects we project into our world.

We are how we do, what we do… We are how we play these roles.

Our practice shines the light of awareness on all parts of ourselves. If we have the courage to look clearly at how we are doing what we do, we can see our weaknesses, fears and doubts, along with our greatest strengths.  

Only when we embrace the whole of ourselves, with equanimity, can change begin to happen.  

I came to Yoga to integrate the scattered parts of myself, Engineer, Yogi, Vegan, Teacher, Student, Human Man, Brother, Son… It just took too much energy to switch between roles.  

With practice, I get a clearer view, and gain perspective.  I wear less hats now, I keep simplifying, unbecoming,   looking forward to just being…  Unconsciously conscious.

How to mend the gap between how we are, and how we'd like to be:

The teachings are clear and simple, we become what we think and what we do. Set a clear intention of how you'd like to be, and practice living that way.  Start on your mat, and don't look away when you dislike what is revealed.

When you feel yourself squirm with resistance… that's where the juice is. The bigger the resistance, the bigger the potential breakthrough.  

Listen carefully, to your body, to your mind, to your breath, and to your emotions.  When they conflict, you can't hear your Ananda, your bliss trying to shine out.  When you get these aspects of yourself all inline, integrated with your intention… there's a profound clarity there. 

Yoga tells us: If you don't like what you're thinking or doing, to practice the opposite.  Stay the course. Breathe calm and acceptance into the discomfort.  On the other side is that clear glimpse of your true nature.

Lasting change comes from filling yourself to the brim with the antidote to how you don't want to be anymore.

Be steadfast and keep going.  Your efforts will shine-out into your other roles, your practice will radiate out to others… They're counting on you, and we're all in this together.

Om Shanti,  I'll see you in class.


p.s.  A special treat!  I've arranged for Irene, a music therapist, to come play Live music for our Yoga class.  See the events page to meet Irene and get the details.

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  1. Which Who song is that quote from?
    I especially love "stay the course. Breathe in calm and acceptance into the discomfort. " Wise and extremely  helpful for the every day events that can easily make you go "off the course". Thanks!

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