What if you throw a party and nobody comes

Being the Change, World Peace and Yoga Conference - Harvard, MA

When Nina Vecchi and I decided to offer a not for profit Peace and Yoga conference to our community – it was not without a significant level of uncertainty.

The chosen date smack in the middle of our globally-warmed Summer, The chosen venue: the progressively thinking, but sleepy in the Summer town of Harvard, Mass.

Would this work, Could this work, and what were we thinking?

Our intentions were clear and pure, to help our little corner of the world become a more peaceful place… 

We commit to move forward, do our best, and not be too attached to the outcome. The very essence of the Bhagavad Gita:

Live your live as an offering.

But that nagging thought, 'What if we throw a party and nobody comes?' lingers just below the surface. The cure? Recommit to doing our best.

Being the Change starts real small, it's Nina and I, but then Will Tuttle says yes. He'll come. Sigh. Now we're talking! Nina creates a poster, Thanks for the logo Jo!

Now it's real, from an idea into form, For the Yogis amongst us: That's the journey guidance takes down the Chakras – if we have the courage to follow it: From Sahaswara, pure guidance, to Ajna, a hunch that this it is meant to be. 

Through truth @ Vishudda yes it's pure. Into Anahata, our hearts are totally all-chips in.

To Manipura, it's not about us, we'll commit & put our best efforts into it.

Downwards to Svadistana, lets get creative, how can this become amazing?

Landing at Muladhara, it's now tangible – on the ground and moving forward. 'Aint no stopping us now…..  From Patanjali-speak back to english:

Then… someone breaks the ice and Paypal's that first ticket. Woo whoo! Nina excitedly calls that morning to fill me in. over the next few days, A few more sell, and we're at three peeps.

You know that old saying 'two's a party, three's a crowd'… well, that doesn't quite apply here.

There's a long and palpable silence.

A daily check for how many tickets are sold. yep, still @three. sigh, I can almost see tumbleweeds rolling in the mid-summer streets of Harvard Mass. 

Then… what's that? there's a little buzz. A couple more people sign up.
Five, nine, twelve tickets! This seed has sprouted, This just might work out. 

Momentum builds, my first full breath in a week… We continue to nurture this sapling.

20, 27, 33! Pretty quickly, a threshold is crossed… and the question changes from 'how many tickets are sold,' to 'how many tickets are left?' 

Is the hall half-empty or half-full?

Our community fully embraces the idea – Volunteers come forward to help out.
(We could use a little help the day of if you'd like to get involved) hope now abounds. we really can do this.

Additional presenters come on board, our program is quite full, but we squeeze in Chris Belanger for Laughter Yoga (what a hoot!) Even people who cannot come the day of – help spread the word about Being the Change. Thanks to those who helped get the word out, you know who you are.

A couple more musicians join us Yes! We've got a sound guy. Arif will drum. Kimberlee will sing, Bindy will play her sacred bowls. Twinkle joins up! 

Area bodyworkers and energy healers fill our healing garden to capacity. This is really coming together. Julia, Beth and others will have you feeling great. We start collecting practitioners names for next years event.

Debra from the Wholesome Cafe and Healing Center offers to bake us all wholesome cookies! Lisa is making her famous macaroons for the whole gang! wow, thank you.

Tom Lena comes through with Coconut Bliss ice 'cream' frozen desert for everyone. Hmmm, we'll need to buy more compostable utensils. This baby is evolving into quite a party!

Ringy dingy! Nina, Will, land I are interviewed in a great Living section front-page feature for the Worcester T&G. 

At three quarters full – Uncertainty morphs into anxiety – just how many can comfortable fit?' and then, a couple more sign up. 'what if we have to turn people away?'

What if you throw a party and everybody comes?

The remaing tickets for Being the Change World Peace Conference number in the teens. You can purchase yours at www.beingthechange.us   

(Edit,. as of Thursday afternoon please note that we sold all the remaining tickets. We'll let you know about next years expanded program in a larger space.)
 If you know you'd like to join us, to assure your spot, I urge you to get your ticket beforehand. All the proceeds go towards feeding hungry people and animals in our community. 

If you have an idea for an offering, A class, a workshop. what's holding you back? the time to get to it is right now. Make it pure of intent, and do your best. Just see what happens then.

I thank you all for your support, and Nina for her inspiration, this event just wouldn't be without her vision and talents. What a joy to offer this program.

Om Shanti, I'll see you on Saturday.


p.s. —added post event:  We need a bigger hall!  at 120 people, we called the conference full.  For a full hour after we closed the doors, the hall caretaker and a volunteer  stood at the head of the driveway directing traffic and turning away car after car of hopeful attendees. 

I'm so sorry that everyone couldn't  join us, but that so many people have an interest in a peace conference gives me great hope for our community.  We've got some great follow up events in the works:

Discussion groups, inspiring field trips, a series of fun cooking classes and a film series. Stay tuned, and subscribe to my blog updates to be first in the know!  Stay tuned, We're just getting started.   Namaste.  -j

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    It was fun being a part of your festival.  The energy was exquisite and everybody was outstandingly nice.  You have some good people around you with clear intent.  Thank you for including me.

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