Want Less

Aparigraha and Santosha

The very next time you find yourself wanting, sit with the desire.  This is the practice of Aparigraha, or non-grasping, one of the five Yamas, or restraints that are the foundation of Yoga. 

As our practice evolves, what is important to us may change, but our mind may still be stuck in the old ways. Installing that pause to reflect helps us to discover what really matters. To more clearly discern wants from needs.

You’ve probably heard the phrase "The Yoga posture begins once we desire to be out of it."  As Yogis, we stay and observe our mind preferring things to be different than they are.  We breathe and make peace with the desire.

Practicing this in the controlled environment of a Yoga class can help us to be steadier when we cannot control what is unfolding in our lives.

Over time this practice will create space in your mind, in your life, and your closets.  

Take care,  and be sure to check the Events page. We’ll have special classes for the Summer Solstice on June 21, and an independence practice on the 4’th of July.



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  1. Poignant post John. Loved the part about creating space. When I’m at my worst, two of the things usually going on inside of me are my mind’s refusal to accept what is, and my perception of myself as nothing but a giant bundle of “Wants!” that aren’t being met. And man, that makes it feel crowded in there. When I can shift my perspective and attitude to Acceptance (and it’s twin sibling, Gratitude), the world literally looks and feels different, and so do I. Exercise is often effective in helping me get to that place. Thanx for reminding me of that.


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