The Journey and the Destination

Yoga doesn't care about where we are from.  Yoga cares about where we are going.

And how we get there matters…

Yoga is a journey and a destination

The teachings are clear, and very simple.  We tend to become what we do all the time.  Whether that is good news or bad, depends on how we practice. How much of life are we really present for?

Skim the surface, and the benefits of class are fading before we even reach the parking lot.  Dig a bit deeper. and we experience lasting benefits, benefits that we can share with others… That's the Yoga that counts.

The recipe is simple.  Set a clear intention, then follow through with a steady and focused effort.  Don't succumb to the tyranny of  a superficial practice.  

No, you don't have to become a sadhu, Just focus. One thing at a time.  It's that easy, and that difficult.  Therein lies the practice, the returning to – right now.  Slow down, live deep. Practice.

Change that old saying.  Say no to the either-or.  We can have both, The Journey, and the Destination.  

You're closer than you think, Keep going.  

I'll see you in class,  we'll keep it simple, we'll focus, and we'll keep it real.

Om Shanti.


P.S.   A great post on Snow Shoveling Backache Yoga from Diane at the Everything Yoga Blog.  Great job Diane, thanks!

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