The Big Game

I dream of an alternate reality where:

We’ve gotten over the idea that ‘games’ where one side has to lose for another to win is a good idea. It’s a small planet, we need to work together.

The worlds elite athletes gather for cooperative games. People working together to help right a wrong, to solve a problem.

What if instead of competing for medals, olympic athletes got together and planted as many trees as they could in a 24 hour period, Cleared an entire river of debris, descended on a disaster area and cleared all the rubble?

What if the strongest football players all teamed up to dig irrigation wells in a desperate village. High fives all around.

I suppose the superbowl is good for parts of the economy, but suggest that the uncountable millions spent on this Sunday football game – could have been better spent, for the greater good of all humanity, and for all the beings who live on this amazing planet.

I know that this in an unpopular opinion, but I wish that my tax dollars were not spent to build colosseums where modern day gladiators scramble their brains for glory, money, and endorsements while the crowd goes wild, and a few get rich. Ka-Ching!

I used to watch. I get it, it’s exciting, emotional, powerfully moving. These are incredible athletes at the top of their game. edge of your seat kind of stuff. and the camaraderie of fellow fans is great! but still, it’s us against them. Anything there’s an ‘us’ and there’s a ‘them.’ Humans tend to behave less than good.

I think it’s a pastime that can bring out the worst in us. I’ve seen otherwise calm and kind people screaming Kill him! at the television when a football game is on. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe this release is natural and necessary. Blowing off a little steam might equal a calmer society.

I don’t claim to know anything, be better than anyone else.. and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t watch, I ‘m saying it’s not for me. Not a dime of my money, (except for my taxes) supports this carnage.

Peace to all beings, including all football fans, I hope your team wins!


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