Namaste!  Everyone wants to know how the retreat went!  Thanks for all the encouraging notes.

From the amazing feedback, I would say that our Fall retreat at SpiritFire was a great success

Buddha at SpiritFire

The weather was perfect, each day the foliage turned more vibrant.  Meals were astounding, and the rooms very comfortable.  I really like how every detail was watched over and cared for by the staff.  This allowed us to really focus on the depth of our practice.  Having our morning Yoga practice and meals in total silence (Mauna) added a richness and texture to our presence at SpiritFire.  The hikes were breathtaking, our Mantra practice cathedral-like, and our celebratory fire circle warmed us inside and out.  

The act of spiritual retreat is ancient, and even more applicable in our times, To retreat is to step back and gain perspective, a clearer view of how we’ve been living.  Through practices of awareness we measure that against how we’d like to be living, and resolve to create the appropriate changes.  Leaving behind the old, we reintegrate back into our lives, holding  space for practice, for presence, and to bring the essence of our retreat back home.

We’re already planning next years retreat, same place, same weekend!  And we’re looking at a Spring Retreat to Ananda Ashram, Where I’ve been retreating in mostly silence for the last week.  That will be a treat!   If you’d like advance notice on the retreat plans let me know and I’ll keep you up to date as the details unfold. 

Om Shanti,  I’ll see you in class this week.  


 P.S.  Just posted the fall Yoga Workshop

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