Recipe for a calming soup

Healthy Vegetable Soup

Here’s the recipe for Larch’s calming soup that I read in our Yoga class last week….  there’s a link to a printable version below. enjoy!


The most important ingredient is the calm mind of the cook.

I suggest these thoughts:


Pay attention.

There is nothing to be done.

It is all covered.

You do not need to worry.

You will get exactly what you need in every moment of your life.

Your Great Perfection, liberating you into the Light, is already accomplished.


Center your breath in the Heart making the sound of “Ahhh” and be grateful.

Trust Spirit, put “other” in place of “self” and breathe deeply, relaxing into the Great Presence.

Now make a peaceful soup:

The order is this: Heat water (3-4 quarts)

Add seaweed Soup Mix  (a teaspoon per serving) (to make a nutrients-dense broth)

Note, if you’re not ready for the awesomeness of seaweed, use a veggie broth, or bullion…

Wash grain (three times), swirl and strain, (half a cup oats, rice, or barley.)

Add grain, shiitake mushrooms, ginger root.

Cut root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, rutabaga.)

Dice an onion and some garlic, saute’ with thyme. (Choose your favorite oil: sesame, olive, coconut.)

When grain is softened, add root vegetables, tamari. Finish off with a generous amount of greens: Kale, parsley, celery.

Add the onions. If you have fresh herbs, now is the time!

This soup gets better on the second day, and you can add pasta sauce, noodles, and cut corn, totally renewing the flavors. Enjoy!

Rest in the light, abide in the heart,

-Larch Hanson say hello for me if you place an order.

There you have it. I love cooking with sea vegetables, and make Larches soup often. I like to add Burdock root, lots of mushrooms, and chili peppers… floating a dollop of flax seed oil on the top…

Let me know if you have any questions about cooking with sea vegetables, and as Larch ships in bulk, Perhaps we could put a group order together. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to be part of a seaweed buyers club. Peace, -john

p.s. We’ve got one spot left in our Concord Live Music Restorative Yoga class, Once full, I’ll start a wait list, along with a list of those interested in a monthly restorative Yoga class. This Yoga is deep nourishment and a great gift to ourselves.

click recipe for a calming soup pdf for a printable version of the recipe.

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