Prenatal Yoga


I substitute taught a basics class the other night. A woman well-along with child came up to me and asked if it was okay that she was there.   I made sure she knew how to take care of herself and told her she was more than welcome. Throughout the class I kept an eye on her and she did just fine.    
I didn’t get a chance to talk with her after, but she told a friend that
she was asked to leave a recent class because of her ‘condition’, that it
would have been inconvenient for the teacher to have a pregnant
woman in class!    
Have you ever heard such a thing? I could understand if it was a
heated class, or a power type class, but I don’t think this was the case.
Yoga is a very introspective and personal practice that is sometimes
practiced in a group setting.   I encourage all to work at their own level and to make appropriate adjustments to keep their practice inline with their intentions.   Unless your intention is to bring harm, then this resolve will bring only good from your practice.
I wish I could have talked with her afterwards, her presence added to the peacefulness of the class, and she’s welcome at anytime, to all my non-heated classes.   
Great news!  I’ve arranged for just 12 of us to spend a weekend immersed in practice and relaxation this Fall.  The retreat center is gorgeous, and the food is amazing!
Signups are coming in.  Be sure to check out the Yoga With John Fall Retreat and resgister right away to get the early bird discount.
Om Shanti,  I’ll see you in class.
P.S.   For free prenatal yoga classes, visit Destination Maternity


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