Pranayama Breath Ratio Chart

Breath Ratios for Pranayama
Inhale hold exhale hold result
6 4 6 1 energizing
6 6 6 1 energizing
6 2 6 2 balancing
8 1 8 1 balancing
6 1 8 4 relaxing
6 1 10 1 relaxing
4 1 12 1 relaxing
4 1 8 4 relaxing

Breath is life.

In class we’ve been experimenting with breath, and how different patterns of Pranayama affect the nervous system. Here’s a nice chart that summarizes the effects of a focused Pranayama practice and various breathing ratios.

If you’re looking to raise your energy, start with the  first exercise, sit comfortably, draw a smooth breath in through your nose to the silent count of 6. Hold the breath in for 4, gently release the breath out through your nose to the count of 6, hold the breath out for a count of 1. Repeat 8-10 times, be still and notice the effect.  Nice…

Start out slow if this is new to you.  If you feel lightheaded, ease up on the holding of the breath in or out.

Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class.


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