In Tune

Photo illustration by Ray Graham

Remember tuning your old television set?

First you would turn the big knob, ‘chunk chunk chunk’ to change the channel. Then you would turn the knob’s outer ring till the fuzzy picture appeared on the screen.

With the focus of a safecracker, you would ease the knob back and forth a few times, tuning out the static, finally settling on the clearest reception you could get.

This could take some time.

Finding your Yoga posture is a lot like tuning these old televisions, each practice, each pose is different. Things drift, change, sometimes we need to use a block, or a strap.

Remember wrapping tinfoil on the rabbit ears?

Your yoga posture is not out there, not in a book, a video, or in a teacher’s lesson. You’ve got to feel your way there through subtle – minute adjustments. The static falls away, and clarity takes its place, flooding your body with awareness.

With practice you will ease into that place sooner, where it just feels right.

Where you’re in tune.

Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class.


p.s.  There are still three spots open for our Fall peak-foliage Yoga retreat in Central Mass. Check out the pics of the solar powered eco-village we’ll be staying at on my Yoga Retreats page


4 thoughts on “In Tune”

  1. Namaste, teacher & friend,
    I like that crazy TV image, and about adjustments “this could take some time” essential to the practice and generous to self.

    Thanks for great class. I am looking forward to the retreat. Yoga and some set-aside-time for creativity, bliss to me.


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