How A Yogi Takes A Selfie

how a Yogi takes a selfie:

stop. renounce sight

welcome this one breath like it is your first

and may be your last

let it bring you to now

…and bring you to know

how are you

how are you not

who are you

who are you not

why are you

why are you not

what you stand for

what would you not stand for

allow self to be reduced to…

what you love ~ and serve that

enough #manipura

away the camera

your majesty cannot be measured in likes

only by the ripples of your heart offerings…

may all beings be happy and free

om shanti

-john calabria

                                                                          Click for printable copy

5 thoughts on “How A Yogi Takes A Selfie”

  1. I hope that many see this, but that it gets no likes. I hope that
    we reach peak-selfie soon and the hype can subside and we can return to our peaceful quiet practice of Yoga. Peace, -john

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