Ganehsa remover of obstacles

Ganesha yoga in concord

Today is a very special day for Ganesha, The Hindu deity who is said to ‘remove obstacles.’

Before undertaking any journey, or begining any ceremony, Ganesha is honored in hopes that he’ll smooth the way.

The uninitiated may ask him to for small things like parking spaces, an easy commute, or for him to remove their worldly problems.

           If you ask for small things, that may be all you’ll get.

In the spirit of Ganesha, we honor steadfastness, being able to stay the course and persevere when challenged, of not letting setbacks keep us from continuing on our path. We meet the inevitable challenges of a human incarnation as Yogis: not brute forcing, not bailing, but doing our best, and loosening our grip on the desired outcome.

Why not ask for the guidance and clarity to navigate your current obstacle skillfully?

With a regular pracitce of seeing obstacles as teachers, as insights into yourself, then as you transcend them, your personal power rises. Perhaps Ganesha provides the obstacles as well as clears them, once the lesson is learned…

Over a billion people, all over the world will be singing his praise today with the words:

             Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

This week starts two new classes, Monday’s 9:30am Mellow Yoga at Half Moon Hill in West Acton, it’s an introspective- smaller class. Thursday 5:30pm begins our Intermediate Yoga in West Concord.

See more about these and our other classes on the Classes page.

Looking forward, this coming Sunday at 9:00am, Clarence Dow will play his amazing Cello while we practice. More Live Music Yoga classes listed on the events page.

Many thanks for your support and for bringing friends and family to class! Our community grows quietly outward, and vastly inward.

See you in class,


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