Fruit Fly Mukti

When we chant Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu it means May *All* Beings Be Free of Suffering.

We vow to do our best.  So you've got fruit flies?

Here's a pic of my nifty fruit fly catch and release system:

how to deal with fruit flies

I've found that a copy of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali works very well as the base, I think they come for knowledge as well as the tasty bit of over-ripe banana.  Leave this setup for a few hours.

While you're waiting, go practice all the Yoga postures named after bugs. Scorpion anyone?  I'm drawing a blank on the others, Perhaps we could list them in the comments.  Let's hear what you've got?

After your Shavasana, sneak up and swiftly pull the cork out, cause they are fast! (when you're little you have to be.) Bring them outside and open up over another piece of nice fruit for them to take refuge on.  

Make it organic, say Mantra for them and I can almost guarantee that you will never come back as a fruit fly.  Change the 'bait' fruit daily, or you'll be hatching more flies.

Om Shanti, I'll see you in class, and we'll be sure to do 'Live-Bug' pose.


P.S.  Hope you can join us for Sunday's Equinox Workshop, and the following week is our Open Mic Kirtan, and restorative class.  See the events page for details.  

3 thoughts on “Fruit Fly Mukti”

  1. STOP LETTING THOSE FLIES EAT ME……IT HURTS IT HURTS….You try having a squadron of flies slowly eating holes into your soft flesh….and those flies aren’t out for knowledge….they are out for BLOOD….evil creatures….oh yeah and don’t you realize that your nifty little trap just draws more of the little bastards in from outside? Duh!

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