Fire and Ice


Just back from Sunny Florida where I was visiting my father and his wife. Dad’s great, and it’s uncanny how much like me he’s become over the years. Thursday was 70 degrees, and the bluest of skies. The locals were all bundled up, and thought me “crazy” to be splashing around in the ocean waves. 

Vamadeva in headstand Venice Florida

The wave crashing over my headstand confirmed their suspicions.

Back at Logan airport on Saturday, I stood out in the frigid, biting wind for a good hour waiting for the bus to Framingham. Smiling at the juxtaposition, I practiced my equanimity. Fire and Ice, we’ve got to at least try and accept it all – embrace it with grace.

Waiting with me were a couple of chain-smoking, real-deal Hells Angels, they in their ‘uniforms’ and me in mine. They got a kick out of my sandals, while I appreciated that in contrast with their gruffness, they wear angel-wings on their back. 


Reclining in the plush and toasty bus, I was glad to be back, and so grateful for my mindfulness practice. When I’m present to what is, my experience of life is so rich and rewarding, I can see beyond our masks.

Stop here for a moment, notice your breath, notice your posture, notice the tone and quality of your presence. Close your eyes, enjoy this moment for what it is, without having to change what it is. 

Yoga practice gives us glimpses of this place, where we are not in memory, not predicting – Not grasping, not resisting, just present.

This is where I want to live, this is why I practice, this is why I teach.

A couple of special events to share with you:

This coming Sunday the 12th – 9am in West Concord – Live Music Yoga Class with Tom Lena

Next Sunday the 19th Restorative Yoga Session with myself and Natalie 12:30pm

I love the teachings of Yoga, and I love sharing them with y’all even more. Our classes exist because of you, and for you. 

Om Shanti, I’ll see you in class.


PS: Remember Charlie Browns Christmas Tree? 

7 thoughts on “Fire and Ice”

  1. You are a unique-one of a kind-caring and sensitive human being. I am so proud of the person you have developed into at this time in your life. I wish you joy, peace, love and fullfillment as you pursue and travel the road ahead.

  2. Hari Om John,
    Such a great blog – makes me wish I could be @ Sundays practice with you and Tom Lena. I love your Mom’s comments as well – Since practicing yoga my relationships have all changed for the better, my Mom and her relationship with her cancer has changed and we all can take it minute by minute – what a jewel. Peace, Love and Laughter, Hari

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