Enough is Enough

Thanks to all who came out for Thanksgiving Yoga practice this morning.

Our theme was Enough,  the prequel to Gratitude.  Our vehicle was flow, or Vinyasa.

Smoothing out, and honoring the transitions between postures tells ourselves at many levels, that in-between is a valid way to be. We don't have to know everything.  We don't have to do everything.  Flowing into postures can helps us get to where things seem to fit.

Our life is like a jigsaw puzzle, but we never get to see the picture on the box.  Keep going, slide the pieces in where they fit, and trust in the process.  If a piece doesn't fit, let it go.  It must be for another puzzle.  Trust that the bigger picture will become clearer in time, and resistance slips away.

When our mind drifts during practice, it's an expression of more, when we can focus our mind in practice, it's an expression of enough.  Continually returning our focus to right now strengthens our ability to remain there for longer periods of time.

                   The door to meditation will swing open on easy hinges.

We start out with just a glimmer of enough, an ember of content.  Each breath fans the flame.  Contentment, (Santosha) is like a big 'ol warm sweater on a cold day.  When we embrace enough.  We can turn down the thermostat of more… 

look around you, find two things.  Experience the space between them.  Carry that practice into all your actions and you'll need less to make you happy, guaranteed.

I am blessed with so many caring and earnest students.  You make it possible for me to teach and share, and I take your blessings with me to Asia.  

I resolve to see enough, and to soak up enough teachings to share on my returning.

Happy Thanksgiving.  Om Shanti, to all beings.  


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