Catch and Release

In Asana class the other day we talked about balancing strive with acceptance and humility.  Our physical practice can invoke our striving nature, our need to compete, to improve, or 'collect' postures,  especially the ones we see as advanced.  This can distract us from our path, and can lead to frustration and injury.  Depth in our practice must be balanced with humility and acceptance.

I recalled as a boy fishing with my father, We practiced 'catch and release' fishing.  When hooked, we'd haul the fish in, unhook her, and set her free.  

I thought about how that could be a metaphor for how we can aspire to live.  With a loose grip on things and experiences, we can flow with what is, that dance between grasping and contentment, The sanskrit terms are: Graha and Santosha.  

But then, thinking back on fishing as a boy, it is not a very good analogy to use in class.

I enjoyed the time with Dad out in nauture, but was always horrified to actually catch a fish, it is such an act of violence, and their distress is palpable. They are incredibly sensitive creatures who have a strong will to live. I am sorry for all the fish I harmed and killed, and am so glad that I've learned that that we can get all the omegas we need from flax seed/oil, and walnuts.

Don't tell dad, but towards the end of my fishing career I realized that if I didn't bait the hook, I wouldn't catch anything.  Dad would be hauling them in, calling over to me , "Any bites?"  nope, none at all Dad. 

Vinyasa Yoga is to flow with breath, intention and non-attachment. Why limit this to Yoga class?

Everything is on loan, including the breath you just took.  (stop reading, sit up straight, close your eyes and take three long, smooth, borrowed breaths) 

Live in Vinyasa, loosen your grip on things, thoughts, and experiences… Breathe. 

Om Shanti, Peace to the fishes. I'll see you in class.


p.s.  did you do the three breaths?  Couple spots still open for the Invoking Shiva class this weekend, and our Fall Retreat is 3/4's full, or would that be 1/4 empty ?  Let me know right away if you'd like to join us.  Details on the Yoga Events page.

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