Wandering days

I have something great to share with you. I apologize for the formatting and typos, it’s way too nice a day to be on this laptop.
A couple Sundays ago after class I had a ‘wandering afternoon.’ I visited friends at an old farmhouse in Carlisle, Met an elder cat named Sophie, and then drove on unfamiliar roads, vaguely towards home. I spotted several new-to-me conservation lands that are on my list to explore. Rounding a corner I had a flashback to the early 80’s and recalled the old Acton quarry and swimming hole that I would hang out with friends, swim and goof off till the police would come and have us move along. I wondered if I could find it.
Driving around the roads near NARA park in Acton I came across a unique sign pointing to the Why We Art Museum. Turning in I realized that that this driveway was the path to the Quarry! Sure enough, there it was on the right. I parked my car and was marveling at the sculptures that were all around me, that’s when a woman comes around the corner and says to me, “You are early, come and have a look around, and then come meet Vktor, we are having lunch and after that We’ll pour some tea, I hope that you can join us for a cup.” 
Yin and Viktor’s work is extraordinary, and must be seen to be believed. that cup of tea turned out to be bottomless, as we whiled away the entire afternoon on Viktor’s  ‘pond side porch’, sipping endless green tea, nibbling on sweets, and kindling a new friendship. While we talked, ‘blooms’ of goldfish came into being, danced.. and then slipped beneath the surface. breathtaking. There’s an opening happening tomorrow at 2pm. Details below.
I highly recommend wandering days, the most amazing things will happen when you take your sweet time and let curiosity lead the way. Pick something of interest a few towns away, it doesn’t have to be far, or maybe it does. Go and check it out, is there a town around here that you don’t know much about? Get out and read the historical markers, poke your head in that ancient cemetery and read a few stones, stop for refreshments and meet people. find a bench in a park and read a chapter in that book that you’ve been wanting to get to. 
I’ll share a list of some of my wanderings in another post, there are many great places to visit that will spark wonder, invoke deep feelings, and fire up your imagination. Check out Redemption Rock in Princeton and have a nice walk on the Midstate Trail. There’s an interesting Indian corn grinding stone in Wayland, and Egypt beach down on the south shore below Boston, there’s an ancient grist mill around there as well.
I hope that you can meet Yin and Viktor, She is hosting an opening of her new paintings this coming Sunday at 2pm. If you cannot make it to this opening, sometime this summer, have a wandering day and drop in and be astounded. Please  say hello for me! 
OPEN HOURS: May-December 2PM to 5PM Thursday-Sunday or by appointment (617-699-6401)  
and below is her press release describing the event.
Peace, and be well.
Hi John,
Great to have tea with you today!
Attached is the press release, please help us spread the words.
Hope to see you on June 23, Sunday 2:00PM.  
Hope to know you better. Yin & Viktor
Also, the following is the text message that I sent with the attached press release to our CAI Art Friends.
You can use it to inform your friends about the show if you want.

Dear Art Friends,

This is the first letter I am sending out to keep you updated on what CAI is up to for the exhibition season of 2019.  Many of you have heard of our naming this art ground “YV Art Museum” (YV=Why We), even though the majority of the artwork is Viktor’s and mine, we have not had the “ceremonial” announcement to systematically introduce our work and guest artists’ work.  So 2019 is the year we will put forth our effort in this regard to illustrate WHY WE in YV ART MUSEUM”  (YV=Yin&Viktor, WE=all artists who have been here) . And I will go first. 
Attached is the first press release about my painting exhibition entitled: MY MASTERS, and one of the “MASTERS” picture for your info.
I hope you will be able to attend the Opening reception/Artist Talk on June 23, Sunday, 2:00PM.


Yin Peet
Executive Director
Contemporary Arts International (CAI)
68 Quarry Road, Acton, MA 01720
Phone: 617-699-6401   
Contemporary Arts International (CAI), also known as YV Art Museum, is a non-profit, 501c3 tax-exempt organization located in a 12-acre granite quarry in Acton MA. The mission of CAI is to promote the creation, understanding and appreciation of contemporary arts in the global context through art education, residency, exhibition, and international symposium. For more information, visit www.contemporaryartsinternational.org

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