Posidonia Oceanica

Posidonia Oceanica is a vast ancient underwater meadow in the Mediterranean Ocean.

The Beauty of Posidonia

I’d like to introduce you to an inspiration of mine,  Posidonia Oceanica. She’s an ancient and vast underwater meadow of seagrass in the Mediterranean Ocean. Posidonia filters the water, shelters countless fish and other sealife, and also oxygenates our atmosphere at a rate greater than the rainforest. 

Posidonia - Sea Grass

When I’m feeling restless or anxious, or sometimes just before closing my Yoga practice, I’ll come into a supported bridge pose, with a Yoga block under my sacrum. I’ll extend my legs and arms in the air and let them sway, imagining that I am swimming with Posidonia. Rooted in what is, and totally open to possibility.  Try it, I believe that you’ll find it very relaxing and grounding. Below is a video from one of the groups looking to protect Posidonia from human activity. 

Thank goodness for the people who protect our environment, and thank you for stopping by. -j

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