a Morning Practice

\As I type this, our Sunday gathering would be singing our collective OM out. 

When I ask my sister how I can help, where I can volunteer, she says “Stay home! isolate. Help stop the spread.”

wishing well to all beings. From our hearts to all hearts. I’m here with a tea watching the birds and stream of consciousness typing this note to you all, and will hit send with no edits.   sorry for the typos, or if I sound. trite… but that’s the only way for me to foil my inner perfectionist.

I’ve been missing you all more than I can express here and am hoping that in the not to distant future that we can safely gather again and help to form what our new-normal will unfold to be. 

On my long walks I’ve been getting insights, clarity around what is truly important in my life and what has been costing energy, taking time. I walked nearly 4 hours yesterday barely stopping a few times to admire nature in her early spring glory. I’ve seen some messes that humans make, and often bring a trash bag on my jaunts to try and mitigate my fellow humans follies. 

My heart is heavy at times for all the front line people working with the stricken. I hear from my sister who is caring for patients in NYC, and also ponder all those behind the scenes, all doing our part. I feel powerless. I can’t even visit with my elder friends and those who live in the nursing homes.

The rain will keep me home today and soak in the early seeds that I’ve sown in the gardens. A rest for my legs and the walks continue tomorrow.
I’ll spend the day catching up on laundry and spend some time reading listening to music, strumming my guitar marveling at the birds, and damn, I still need to deep clean the fridge. In celebration of simple abundance, I’ll cook up some food for the next few days. There’s something gratifying about having all four burners going… almost like conducting an orchestra as I tend to each pot or pan stirring, adjusting heat, seasoning as I go. 
it’s time for staying in, and simple pleasures. At least for a while.
I’v been seeing lots of requests and encouragement for some sort of online sessions. I will look into what that might look like this week, but in the meantime I can humbly offer you a mellow half hour audio recording that I made a while back. I cringe at the the sound of my voice – but if it helps bring calm and peace to one being… then it’s worth it. 
I have so much to share with you all. There’s so much happening with the birds and the bees! I’ll try and share more in the next couple days.
the news is dire. Please take some time away from it to enjoy the simple pleasures of being alive and well in New England in Springtime.
Peace light, and love. Stay well and thanks for your kind notes of hello. I love hearing from you.
p.s. a little bit of sweetness came my way the other day, people are sending sweet clips form the web. If you have anything you’d like to share with the group, send it along. I’ve got a great story from Clarissa to send out but in the meantime, check this little guy out…    so much joy can be painful sometimes.    😎
If you need some relaxing sounds… I love the sound of these chimes.

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